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Take the next step toward your financial future

At Empowered Tax & Business Solutions, we take a unique approach to consulting by working one-on-one with our clients to achieve their financial goals. We specialize in providing personalized tax and business solutions to meet the needs of both our individual and business clients. Our team of experts works collaboratively to provide guidance and support throughout each stage of the process.

What you can expect

We offer expert advice and guidance in all areas of business and personal tax services. We understand the complex and ever-changing tax laws and regulations and use our expertise to help our clients navigate through them.


Our services include tax preparation, filing, and audits, as well as business consulting and planning. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and live stress-free lives. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Our Process:


1. Initial Consultation: The tax service provider will have an initial consultation with the client to gather information about their financial situation, income sources, deductions, and any specific tax-related concerns.


2. Document Collection: The client will be required to provide all relevant financial documents, such as W-2 forms, 1099 forms, receipts for deductions, investment statements, and any other relevant paperwork.


3. Data Entry: The tax service provider will enter the client's financial information into tax preparation software or systems to calculate the tax liability or refund amount accurately.


4. Tax Preparation: Based on the information provided, the tax service provider will prepare the client's tax return, ensuring that all eligible deductions and credits are included to minimize tax liability or maximize the refund.


5. Review and Approval: The completed tax return will be reviewed by the client for accuracy and completeness. Any questions or discrepancies will be addressed and resolved during this stage.


6. Filing: Once the client approves the tax return, the tax service provider will electronically file the return with the relevant tax authorities, such as the IRS or state tax agencies.


7. Follow-Up: The tax service provider will keep the client informed about the status of the tax return, including confirmation of acceptance by the tax authorities and any updates or notifications received.


8. Post-Filing Support: The tax service provider may offer post-filing support, such as assistance with responding to tax notices, resolving tax-related issues, or planning for future tax obligations.

If you’d like more information about our Tax service solutions,

get in touch today.

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